Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Natural Leadership Just Flows

Sisterhood in ADK-ETA Cuernavaca Chapter
By Rebeca Olagaray

    Much has been said and written about leadership: team leadership, autocratic leadership, transactional, transformational, laissez-faire, cross-cultural, leadership skills, leadership qualities, leadership in management… and the list goes on, and on. It seems to be that whenever leadership becomes the topic of a conversation everybody has something to say.

    Every field of human activity has its naturally gifted people, and leadership is not an exception.  Sometimes we end up in a Leadership position because it is required of us during a life situation or... we just have the talent for it and enjoy being a Leader.

    Teachers are leaders, and our teaching style has a direct impact on our pupils. So we should ponder learning more about the Leadership to polish the skill. As democracy has won territory and society has become more and more aware that we all have the same dignity as human beings, we have also become aware that it is a must to consider inclusiveness, horizontal relationships, respectfulness, and empowerment, to improve our teaching and leadership style just to mention some qualities.

    Also, it happens to be that unless the chapter has many members in ADK most of us have the opportunity and responsibility to be the leader for two years. Former leaders are there to nurture, guide, and counsel when needed. On the other hand, there are times when we find ourselves taking on other roles in our community and have the opportunity to support the captain of the ship.
    Natural leaders are those who are confidently being themselves and others simply follow. They don’t need authority to be heard. They are born with a special talent for developing from within the abilities and strategies of leadership.

    Our dear sister Yolanda had that talent. She would always be emphatic, inclusive, egalitarian, and empowering. Whenever she spoke we would certainly listen because she would always listen and be observant of what was going on before she spoke, and then would she effectively communicate to us her wisdom, encouraging our Chapter to follow and fulfill our Mission as ADK’s members.
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Sweet Yolanda, honest and clear,
always loving, always welcoming, beautiful, and nice.
Informed and cultivated lady,
who nurtured us with wisdom and intelligence.
We deeply and lovingly respect and admire you.
Great leader, you gave us light.
Kindly sharing with us your knowledge,
would continuously set the path to be taken,
by presenting us facts with lucid and keen objectivity.
Now you have reunited with your husband, your beloved companion of life.
But you have left us your manners, your ways,
those that have proved to be so good to us.
God bless you for all the good you have done,
for your disinterested participation on life
to make things good and better.
Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

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